ZipCov thanks Ahlqvist MC for lending the Honda CBR650R

We at ZipCov are thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with Ahlqvist MC, where we had the honor of borrowing one of their impressive motorcycles, the Honda CBR650R, for a commercial shoot.

During the filming, the motorcycle was used to effectively showcase the benefits of our Tank Protector, designed to shield the fuel tank from scratches and scuffs.

This partnership opportunity has truly elevated our project to new heights, and we extend a huge thank you to Ahlqvist MC for their generosity and support.

The Honda CBR650R has been a crucial part of our commercial production, contributing both style and performance. Its impressive design and power have truly captured the energy and excitement that we aim to convey to our audience.

We appreciate Ahlqvist MC’s trust in lending us this fantastic motorcycle.

Learn more and visit Ahlqvist MC either in person at their store in Sisjön, Gothenburg, or check out their website.

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